A UK class action against Apple

If you are an app developer based in the UK, it’s possible you have suffered financial loss because of Apple’s conduct.

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Ennis v Apple alleges that Apple has abused its dominant market position in iOS app distribution by charging an excessive “commission” – typically 30% – on apps and in-app sales of digital content (e.g., games, news apps, streaming apps, etc.). It’s possible that UK-based app developers that received revenue from the sale of Apps on the App Store have suffered financial loss by Apple.

We’re applying to bring an opt-out claim at the UK Competition Appeals Tribunal, to obtain damages for affected app developers. That could include you.

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The team

Geradin Partners

Geradin Partners has unrivalled expertise in digital markets and app stores. It is currently involved in ongoing claims in the UK and the Netherlands over Google’s alleged anti-competitive practices in the market for online advertising. Partners at the firm have previous experience leading the legal team working on the UK’s Digital Markets Unit and have been involved in the shaping of the EU’s Digital Markets Act by representing tech clients and testifying before governments, regulators, and parliamentary committees. The firm has published extensively on the antitrust case against the Apple App Store.

Compass Lexecon

Compass Lexecon is a world leading economic consulting firm that has extensive experience providing law firms, corporations, and governments with critical economic analysis. Antitrust conduct and damages assessments are two of the firm’s founding practices and continue to be key areas of expertise and where Compass Lexecon is particularly renowned for its robust analysis and compelling argumentation in developing theories of harm and counterfactual scenarios.


Harbour is a trusted advisor and provider of capital to law firms, corporates and claimants, supporting them in progressing high-value commercial disputes all over the world. Their team of experienced litigators, finance experts, and commercial professionals, have a deep understanding of what is required to bring litigation and arbitration to a successful conclusion. Harbour is a founding member of the Association of Litigation Funders and helped draft their code of conduct. Public cases that Harbour have brought, include a class action on behalf of 2.3 million consumers for overcharges levied by a national telecommunications company, a class action on behalf of more than 130,000 UK publishers in relation to Google’s alleged anticompetitive conduct in adtech, and for 15k Indonesian seaweed farmers against an oil company whose oil spill destroyed the farmers’ seaweed crops.

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